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The Benefits of BIM for structural engineers

Construction of houses and monuments has been the traditional fancy apart from being the fundamental need of the humanity since stages of civilization. Humans have ventured to produce some really great and iconic monuments that are still boasted of structural facets and intricate finesse. In fact, the pursuits to build bigger and better have been intrinsic to our desire patterns and we continue with that. The modern societies with characteristically high demographic loads and consequent demand have gone for multistoried buildings and skyscrapers in the prime metro regions. Structural engineering has proved to be the much needed escort throughout the evolution of construction sector which has adored some frontline concepts like BIM or ‘Building Information Modeling’ to catalyze the process and serve the resonant demands successfully. Information processing has been the defining facet of the 21 st century! We began its storage and subsequent analytics helped us to get bett

One of the most successful BMW 3 Series 2003

As we all know that owning a car is very necessary .Everyone wants a car that has complete high quality features and at a very reasonable price. One of the most ideal vehicle is BMW 3 Series 2003.This model comes with all the features that you are expecting. It is one of the bestselling model of BMW 3 series. Many people consider buying this eye catching model because of its reliability, durability and longevity. This model has a great demand in many automobile markets around the globe. One of the most demanded markets is Uganda. Up till now numerous of German BMW 3 Series 2003 has been import in Uganda. If you are interested to buy this vehicle so you go to the internet there are so many websites of online Japanese auction .Buying through online Japanese auction will save your time and your money. They offer you a very cheap price so it will be easy for you to afford a car. Used cars from Japan are become very popular in all over the world because these cars are very good in

Battlefield 3 server rental $25 per month

Console and PC gamers eager to secure their own piece of DICE's  Battlefield 3  can now do so, with the launch of dedicated server rental for the modern-day shooter. Gamers can rent their own little piece of Battlefield 3 for $1.50 per day. As detailed on  Battlefield's website , Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC gamers can secure a server for 120 Microsoft points ($1.50) per day, 560 Microsoft points ($7) per week, 2,000 Microsoft points ($25) per 30 days, or 4,800 Microsoft points ($60) for 90 days. Server renters can tailor the shooter experience in a number of ways to their liking. Renters can determine which maps and game modes will be included in rotation, kick and ban players at will, and designate VIPs: players who can skip to the top of queues. The rentable servers arrived as part of a larger Battlefield 3 patch that found its way to the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game last week. This update brought a long list of fixes and tweaks to the shooter, which can be p

Birfield Joint

The Birfield joint, manufactured by Hardy Spicer Limited , is based on the Rzeppa principle (Fig. 26.17). In this construction the joint's performance has been improved further by incor­porating converging ball tracks, which do not rely on a controlled ball cage to maintain the intermediate ball members on the median plane (Fig. 26.17B). This Joint uses an inner (ball) input member driving an outer (cup) member. Torque is transmitted from the input to the output member again by six intermediate ball members, which fit into curved rack grooves formed in both the cup and spherical members. Articulation of the joint takes place due to rolling of the balls in between the inner and outer pairs of curved grooves. Constant velocity conditions are achieved by an intermediate member, formed by a ring of six balls placed in the median plane (Fig. 26.17B) of the shape of the curved ball tracks generated in both the input and output joint members.  Fig. 26.17. Birfield. Rzeppa type consta

Beginners of C language

 welcome to the series of C programming tutorials I request not to post questions or anything in this thread, as it will only disrupt the flow and co-ordination of the tutorials. OK everyone, this tutorial is basically designed for programmers, basically new to computing or new to "The C-Language". So now let us get started with the C. History of C  C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in early 70s at the Bell Laboratories for Unix operating system. C is a procedural language. C was influenced by B, ALGOL, FORTRAN and Assembly. C influenced most of the modern world programing languages which include the mighty C++ and Java as well. Above points are enough to answer the most common questions asked in vivas (oral-examinations) or objectives. p.s : These tutorials will be based on DevC++ IDE and on Windows platform you can download DevC++ from here

Bevel-drive Adjustment

Bevel-drive Adjustment Currently used bevel drive operates under severe conditions, but extends satisfactory service provided correct adjustment of the gear is made. Every manufacturer provides detailed specifications of special tools to be used, clearances to be maintained, etc. It is necessary to strictly follow this information before attempting such an overhaul. The final drive produces noise due to the bearing defects or incorrect meshing, which may be caused by bearing wear. Usually noise or 'whine' on the drive is produced due to the gear with too deep in mesh, and noise on the over-run is caused by insufficient depth of mesh. The cause for a final-drive noise should be determined soon whenever it develops. Misaligned gears 'mate' to the new position, so it becomes impossible to obtain a quiet operation even when the adjustment is corrected. A delay in repair may require the installation of a new crown wheel and pinion as well as bearing.

Rear Axles Final-drive

Rear Axles Final-drive The rear axles final drive (i) transmits the drive through a angle of 90 degrees, and (ii) gears down the engine revolutions to provide a 'direct top' gearbox ratio. In the case of cars a final drive ratio of approximately 4 : 1 is used. Bevel or worn gears are employed to achieve the various functions of the final drive. 26.4.1. Bevel Gears Figure 26.34 illustrates the geometry of a bevel gear layout, which represents two friction cones 'A' forming the crown wheel and 'B' the pinion. For avoidance of slippage and wear, the apex of the pinion must coincide with the centre line of the crown wheel. The system with incor­rectly positioned pinion causes unequal . peripheral speeds of the crown wheel and pinion. It is necessary to mount the gear in the correct position so that angle of the bevel is governed by the gear ratio. => Types of Bevel Gear :- 1. Straight Bevel 2. Sprial Bevel => Hypoid Gear => Worm and Wheel Drive :- 1. Bevel


BIRD FLU!! There are at least 15 different types of avian influenza that routinely infect birds around the world. The current outbreak is caused by a strain known as H5NI, which is highly contagious among birds and rapidly fatal. Unlike many others strains of avian influenza, it can transmitted to humans causing severe illness and death. Influenza viruses are highly unstable and have the ability to mutate rapidly, potentially jumping from one animal species to another. Scientists fear the bird flu could evolve into a from that is easily spread between the people, resulting in in an extremely contagious and lethal disease. This could happen if someone already infected with the human’s flu vires catches the bird flu. The two viruses could recombine inside the victim’s body, producing a hybrid inside that could readily spread from person to person. The resulting virus likely would be something humans never been exposed to before. Within immune defenses, the infection could cause deva


FLAME OF OUR FREEDOM STRUGGLE - Bhagat Singh  Bhagat singh was born in September 27, 1907 in khatkar kalan, Punjab, in India. His grandfather Arjan singh, father kishan singh, and uncle Ajit singh, were all active in the freedom struggle. While studying at the D.A.V school in Lahore, in 1916, young Bhagat singh came into contact with some well – known political leaders like Lala Lajpat Rai and Ras Bihari Bose. In response to Mahatma Gandhi‘s call for no – cooperation against rule in 1921, Bhagat singh left his school and joined the newly opened national college at Lahore. At this college, which was a center of revolutionary activities, he came in contact with revolutionaries such as Bhagwati charan, sukhdev and others. He became a member of the Hindustan republican Association formed by the revolutionaries of Uttar Pradesh and was initiates into their firebrand activities. The revolutionaries were branded as terrorists by the British government. They believed that given the u

Bearing Loads

:: Bearing Loads :: Bearing loads due to side thrust on a wheel in semi-floating axle is shown in Fig. 26.55. Let F = lateral force at the rim of the wheel r = radius of the wheel L = distance between the centres of wheel bearings R1 and R2 = radial reactions of the wheel bearing on the wheel hub P = the thrust reaction of the bearing In practice, the radio rIL ~ 0.6. Considering the forces in the horizontal and vertical directions, P = F and R\=R2 Fig. 26.55. Bearing loads due to side thrust on semi-floating axle. Therefore, for semi-floating type axles, P is equal to F, and Ri and R2 each approximately equal to three fifth ofF.Ri adds to the normal static load on the bearing, whereas R2 opposes it. Axle Shaft Shafts for semi-floating type axles are subjected to both bending and torsion. Hence, the diameter, of the shaft should vary with the bending moment along the length. Accordingly, the diameter is minimum near the differential e

Bearing Lubrication

Bearing Lubrication The whole hub assembly is partially packed with grease. A radial-lip grease-seal is pressed inside the hub next to the larger bearing. The lip of the seal faces this bearing and fits over the cylindrically machined surface on the stub-axle. Over packing bearing hubs with grease causes churning and develops very high running temperatures. Due to high temperatures and excessive mechanical working the grease breaks down and becomes soft. The centrifugal force acting on the grease in the hub pushes soft grease outwards, so that it flows towards the lip seal and seeps past the seal lips. Bearing greases are based on mineral oil and to thicken the oil soaps of calcium, sodium, or lithium compounds are added. The consistency of a grease depends on the viscosity of the base oil as well as on the structure and properties of the metallic soap added. The three most important properties of a grease includes : (i) the melting temperature, at which the grease loses its semi-soli

Bearing Loads on the Front Axle

Bearing Loads on the Front Axle Figure 27.6 illustrates the forces and the reactions on steering knuckle when the vehicle is at rest. The thrust load and the knuckle-pin-bearing load can be expressed in terms of the reaction of wheel on wheel spindle. Let, Rw = The reaction of the wheel on the spindle acting vertically through the centre of contact of tyre on ground.  Rt = The load on the thrust bearing Ru = The load on the upper knucklepin bearing  Rl = The load on lower knucklepin 'B' and 'C represent the centres of lower and upper knuckle-pin bearings respectively.  'A' is a point on the spindle axis in the centre plane of the wheel. Fig. 27.6. Forces and reaction on steering knuckle. The other loads acting on knuckle-pin bearing are those due to the rolling resistance and road shocks. These loads are proportional to the static load and hence can be accounted for.