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Way2Sms Desktop Application Features

Way2Sms Desktop Application which has the following features   For all those who  send  SMS  to  their friends from Way2sms a small application that does your work easily :) WAY2SMS Client tool is the best one available so far, the features it offers are: Features:   1) No need to login in browser.   2) Unlimited character support 3) Import & export contacts 4) Remember login details 5) Work in online mode 6) Work in local mode 7) Sends sms faster 8) Search contacts 9) Contacts list 10) Group sms.


NVIDIA TEGRA 3 MOBILE PROCESSORS The world's first mobile super processors, NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processors deliver unprecedented performance in a wide range of mobile devices. Take your mobile performance farther with NVIDIA Tegra processors in all your mobile devices. Extreme multitasking. Ultra-smooth web browsing that’s up to twice as fast as other processors. Console-quality gaming and the best battery-saving technology you’ll find anywhere. Even HD video capabilities for brilliant graphics on the go. KEY INNOVATIONS Quad-Core with a 5th Battery-Saver Core** - NVIDIA's innovative Variable SMP architecture (PDF 919 KB) enables four performance cores to be used for max burst, when needed, with each core independently and automatically enabled and disabled based on workload. The single battery-saver core (or companion core) handles low-power tasks like active standby, music, and video, and is transparent to the OS and applications. NVIDIA DirectTouch™* - This is a p

Facebook founder married and became a homely person

MARK ZUCKERBURG GETS MARRIED!In a surprise ceremony, Facebook CEOand founder Mark Zuckerberg marriedhis longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan,in a private wedding at his home inPalo Alto California on Saturday.Zuckerberg, who just became abillionaire as a result of the FacebookIPO on Friday, reportedly placed a ringon his wife’s finger during theceremony — the ring was describedas featuring a “very  simple ruby.”According to the Associated Press,Zuckerberg’s marriage to PriscillaChan took place in front of about 100invited guests who thought they werecelebrating Ms. Chan’s medical schoolgraduation. It all happened inZuckerberg’s backyard.Take a look at Zuckerberg’s personalpage on Facebook, and you’ll see theabove picture, which Zuckerbergreportedly placed onto his own site asa change of his status after theceremony.The couple met while both wereattending Harvard, and have beentogether for nine years. —


Protect your valuable laptop against theft using this miniature alarm generator. Fixed inside the laptop case, it will sound a loud alarm when someone tries to take the laptop. This highly sensitive circuit uses a homemade tilt switch to activate the alarm through tilting of the laptop case. The circuit uses readily available components and can be assembled on a small piece of Vero board or a general- purpose PCB. It is powered by a 12V miniature battery used in remote control devices. IC TLO71 (IC1) is used as a voltage comparator with a potential divider comprising R2 and R3 providing half supply voltage at the non-inverting input (pin 3) of IC1. The inverting input receives a higher volt- age through a water-activated tilt switch only when the probes in the tilt switch make contact with water. When the tilt switch is kept in the horizontal position, the inverting input of IC1 gets a higher voltage than its non-inverting input and the output remains low. IC CD4538 (IC2) is used as

Beginners of C language

 welcome to the series of C programming tutorials I request not to post questions or anything in this thread, as it will only disrupt the flow and co-ordination of the tutorials. OK everyone, this tutorial is basically designed for programmers, basically new to computing or new to "The C-Language". So now let us get started with the C. History of C  C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in early 70s at the Bell Laboratories for Unix operating system. C is a procedural language. C was influenced by B, ALGOL, FORTRAN and Assembly. C influenced most of the modern world programing languages which include the mighty C++ and Java as well. Above points are enough to answer the most common questions asked in vivas (oral-examinations) or objectives. p.s : These tutorials will be based on DevC++ IDE and on Windows platform you can download DevC++ from here

Data mining

Image via Wikipedia Data mining is really just the next step in the process of analyzing data. Instead of getting queries on standard or user-specified relations, data mining goes a step farther by finding meaningful relationships in data. Relationships that were thought to have not existed, or ones that give a more insightful view of the data. For example, a computer-generated graph may not give the user any insight, however data mining can find trends in the same data that shows the user more precisely what is going on. Using trends that the end-user would have never thought to query the computer about. Without adding any more data, data mining gives a huge increase in the value added by the database. It allows both technical and non-technical users get better answer, allowing them to make a much more informed decision, saving their companies millions of dollars.

internet business chart

Internet Business Chart We went to the library this week with one goal in mind: Check out a copy of The Divine Comedy so that we could read it and feel intellectually, nay, morally superior to anyone playing Dante’s Inferno. We sort of felt conflicted about making fun of it, since we’d never read the source material, either. Well, the library only had one copy, and it was checked out. So all we have to offer you is Dante’s Internet, from No Cats on the Blog. Many points for the nods to Godwin’s law and Shepard Book ’s special hell. Click for a bigger version in the NCotB post, where you can read all them fiddly writin’s.
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Blogger Buzz: Support Haiti Disaster Relief

Blogger Buzz: Support Haiti Disaster Relief Like many of you, we watched in horror as news emerged from Haiti about yesterday's disastrous earthquake. For those of you who publish your blog with Blogger, we built a couple of widgets that make it easy to invite your readers to contribute money to the Red Cross's international disaster relief effort. Pick a size that best fits your sidebar: After clicking the appropriate button, select which of your blogs you want to add the widget to, then click "Add widget". The Red Cross assures us that 100% of the money raised is going to disaster relief efforts in Haiti — we and they thank you for your support! Not on Blogger? Be sure to visit the Red Cross's Haiti banners page with banners that you can add manually, or visit Google's page containing information about relief organizations, news and contact info relating to the earthquake.