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Iron man Suit - The future safe shield

IRON MAN the future robotic suit which can be made by all the people in the world with their own capability to make their own protective shields for the survival. The idea of having the man in a suit is some thing innovative and which is more protective anf having a high technology into the suit making the man to handle any kind of the situation in front of him and having the capability to with stand the conditions.  The armor is having the high technology equipment and devices required into the armor for the complete functioning and making the armor also. In this we have got one of the technology into the market that is the "Google glass" that you can see in the parameters and the commanding option to the computer through your voice.  It is having a high complicated design and mechanisms present in the armor with different types of the armors and the devices and circuits and sensors. In order to power up all the electronic things we need a maximum amoun