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List of 8 Beneficial Changes made in the Standard of Fire Pumps over the Years

Standards governing the design of fire pumps are updated every few years. This is done to ensure that these address the new design challenges and overcome the shortcomings of previous designs. In this light it would be quite interesting to look back over the last 10 years and gauge the important changes that have happened in these standards. A close analysis will reveal that the designs have significantly evolved for the better; these now ensure superior performance and safety. Here we will look back and see some of the major changes in the standard of fire pumps and their resulting benefits. 1. Torsion analysis for right angle gear drives For vertical shaft pumps that are right angle gear driven, a torsion analysis is mandatory. This helps to identify and eliminate any damaging stresses or liner resonant frequencies created from the operating speed range of the rotating equipment. This will help avoid any potential damage to the pump equipment. 2. The right diese