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Contunious Deforestation in single turn off page

  The bookmaking is done with the help of the bark of the tree which was generated or grow all around the steam. this kind of paper tree can be seen in the large big forests. As they are going to expire due to the production of the paper at a huge scale they are not being carried out back for the recycling of the paper after the usage.  Reuse the age of the paper will make the reducing of the trees cutting of the deforestation to some extent which may control the environmental conditions of the earth. as the civilization is increasing there is no plantation of the trees are taking place which is a big drawback to the environment pollutions.  TREES ARE THE OXYGEN GENERATORS  If you are removing all the trees in the world how can you as a living being survive on the earth like called planet. we have to ask this question to ourselves at least once of time in life. As the man is having an IQ when comparing to all others in the world. As man is growing to an unlimited height the destruction