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UFO  it is called as the unidentified flying objects. Which are most commonly seen by the american citizens.these flying objects are in the circular shapes having a different technology and fuel used for travelling from one galaxy to galaxy.Till now we have findout  the flying objects in most of the different irregular shapes but most of them are in circular shapes.The first flying object was found in the year 1947 june 24 th which was come into the world publications which was invented by  Jerome Clark . As they are using the reactor technology which we are present using in the submarines and having the proposal of using in aircraft and space ships.The setup the alien spaceships is in the form of the disk shapes the ship body size is 12.2 m in diameter and 4.9 m in height and the total ship is divided into three divisions observation deck, main cabin and gravity generator section.  Gravity generator module: in this there will be number of gravity generators that are place

Birfield Joint

The Birfield joint, manufactured by Hardy Spicer Limited , is based on the Rzeppa principle (Fig. 26.17). In this construction the joint's performance has been improved further by incor­porating converging ball tracks, which do not rely on a controlled ball cage to maintain the intermediate ball members on the median plane (Fig. 26.17B). This Joint uses an inner (ball) input member driving an outer (cup) member. Torque is transmitted from the input to the output member again by six intermediate ball members, which fit into curved rack grooves formed in both the cup and spherical members. Articulation of the joint takes place due to rolling of the balls in between the inner and outer pairs of curved grooves. Constant velocity conditions are achieved by an intermediate member, formed by a ring of six balls placed in the median plane (Fig. 26.17B) of the shape of the curved ball tracks generated in both the input and output joint members.  Fig. 26.17. Birfield. Rzeppa type consta

Universal Joints (Automobile)

Universal Joints Universal joints are capable of transmitting torque and rotational motion from one shaft to another when their axes are inclined to each other by some angle, which may constantly vary under working conditions.  Universal joints are incorporated in the of vehicle's transmission system to perform three basic applications :  (a) Propeller shaft end joints between longitudinally front mounted gearbox and rear final drive axle.  (b) Rear axle drive shaft end joints between the sprung final drive and the unsprung rear wheel stub axle.  (c) Front axle drive shaft end joints between the sprung front mounted final drive and the unsprung front wheel steered stub axle. Universal joints have movement only in the vertical plane when they are used for lon­gitudinally mounted propeller shafts and transverse rear mounted drive shafts. When these joints have been used for front outer drive shaft they have to move in both the vertical and horizontal plane to accommodate both vertica


To change a tyre To change a tyre is something most people are not keen on. Here we try to make it easy and as interesting for you. So that the next time you are involved in this fix, you will be out of it in a jiffy. Before you begin, make sure that ·          The jack in your car is there ·          There is a properly inflated spare tyre   ·          You have a lug wrench that fits your wheel Lug bolts

natural phenomens

  UNUSUAL NATURAL PHENOMENS On June 18, 2008 Mike Hollingshead from "Extreme Instability" documented the advent of the weirdest storm: giant waves of rolling thick fog, cresting over the landscape….Similar weather phenomenon, according to witnesses, happened in England (Penzance, Cornwall) – perfectly defined, very slow moving wall of the densest fog ever seen. Here is another bank of thick rolling fog – this time at Rock Mills Rd. in Rappahannock County, Virginia: