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Pollution Vs Nature in the present techno world

the life on earth require both the heat for the sustaining of the life on the earth. for the images which is available there are two different types of the effects with the usage of the duel and it depends on the methodology that can create the positive and the negative energy within the atmosphere which is effecting the ecosystem and the natural environment. THIS IS THE IMAGE OF THE MONTH  The date will be expressed within two weeks on the same day. . . . means the date was on 5th OCTOBER 2014 after the day . . . From the color identification we can say that the green is the eco friendly to the environment and the red indicates for the destruction of the environment and all the other things in the nature or in the universe so increasing the green life environment in the earth the life of the human and the living things in the earth will be having the peace full life on the earth with the reduction of all kind of the pollutions that we can produced in the peace environment.  On the lef