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Magnetic Trains

 The principal of a Magnet train is that floats on a magnetic field and is propelled by a linear induction motor. They follow guidance tracks with magnets. These trains are often refered to as Magnetically Levitated trains which is abbreviated to MagLev. Although maglevs don't use steel wheel on steel rail usually associated with trains, the dictionary definition of a train is a long line of vehicles travelling in the same direction - it is a train. HOW IT WORKS: A maglev train floats about 10mm above the guidway on a magnetic field. It is propelled by the guidway itself rather than an onboard engine by changing magnetic fields (see right). Once the train is pulled into the next section the magnetism switches so that the train is pulled on again. The Electro-magnets run the length of the guideway. ADVANTAGES: Well it sounds high-tech, a floating train, they do offer certain benefits over conventional steel rail on steel wheel railways. The primary advantage is mainta