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Death Begets Life...

In this stunning capture by Ireena Worthy we see a small fir tree (which has become a bonsai) growing atop a dead log in the waters of Fairy Lake, which is near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Fairy Lake is a BC Forest Service campground located 110 km west of Victoria. It has an area of 82.3 acres (33.3 hectares) and it has a maximum depth of 18 feet and an elevation of 30 meters (98.4 ft.)

Extension of the Animals

The mother monkey carrying her baby on her back and climbing on the grills of the gate from one grill to the other. As it is well managed with her baby at different conditions. As the forests are gradually decreasing the survival of the animals has become worst and coming into the cities to lead their generations. comparing  to the last few before and at the present the number of these species had decreased gradually, some every thing is linked up with the nature and the living beings. try to decrease the population growth and minimize the extension of the forests and secure the extension of upcoming animals in INDIA and other parts of the WORLD. "SAVE FORESTS ANS SAVE ANIMALS"

Photography views

The notations of the three different types of the Indian airlines banners which are setup-ed one on the other at the same place that makes the people  silly and laugh which was enclosed into a photographer as they think in a innovative and well possible way of taking the pictures in different directional views.