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first generation of supersonic aircraft

China’s first generation of supersonic aircraft J-6 out of Air Force formal series                                          In the morning, made out of the Air Force J-6 fighters formal establishment sequence; J-6 fighters to China’s own production of the first generation of supersonic fighter planes, from the first aircraft delivered in 1964, discontinued in 1986, was the largest number of Chinese air force, the most service time long, the largest combat aircraft shot down supersonic fighter jet made. From 1964 to 1968, J-6 fighter aircraft were shot down more than 20 different fighters. J -6 design features, performance data and introduce the main model J -6 is the Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Company manufactured single-seat twin supersonic fighter, 60′s and 70′s the Chinese Air Force’s main fighter, can be used for homeland air defense and air superiority to win the local front, but also to support the implementation of some of the task. J -6 aircraft is based on the former