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Auto Consumable

 AUTO CONSUMABLE What are the constituents that keep your vehicle moving?  Is it the wheels, the axle, the engine, what? Of course they do. But what keeps them running? It is actually the fuel that keeps it running. And a long list of consumables. These include fuel, engine oil, and various other lubricants that are responsible to keep a vehicle 'alive'. It won't be an exaggeration to term these as the lifeblood of your favorite automobile. This is why today consumers in all vehicle segments have grown cautious about the quality of fuel and lubricants that they use. Unbranded lubricants and fuel from unauthorized sources is a complete no-no, while big brands are spending extensively on positioning their products as 'guards for your engine'. The environment factor is the latest to hit the market and has forced manufacturers and consumers alike to make and use environment friendly consumables.  Same is the case with the other products like battery, tyres etc. which