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Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)

Honorable Presient Mr. Narendra Modi has initiated the new innovative mission for the Indians to be clean and make India clean or it can also be called as CLEAN INDIA MOVEMENT which was introduced in 2014 on 2nd October as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary. Development of India with cleanliness in your surroundings is one of the major steps towards development of Indian Swatch Bharat.  Each and every citizen need to understand the importance of cleanliness and why so important to us? Focus on Behavioural change A beautiful environment and nature you can be created with this mission which is having different positive effects in the country  Objectives of the Mission: To bring improvement in the general equality of life in the rural and urban areas, by promoting cleanliness, hygiene and eliminating open defecation. To accelerate sanitation coverage in rural areas to achieve the vision of Swachh Bharat by 2nd October 2019. To motivate communi

Urban Pollution

Urban Pollution There are different types of pollutions (Air, Water, Land, Chemicals, Organic, Human causes Industrial and Civil emissions), natural causes (i.e., natural fumes, decompositions, volcanic ash) that are taking place in our surroundings. Urban pollution is one of the major of its kind. It is a mixture of different types of pollutions in urban regions/areas in major metropolitan cities/towns as mentioned above. Urban Pollution is one of the major issues that the government is trying to control and minimize the impact that is affecting the environment, health, increase in bacteria, viruses, etc. in the surrounding which is damaging the country(s).  Definition of Urban Pollution:  The term "Urban Pollution is a combination of all forms of pollution that occur in urban areas or cities. Pollution of highly polluted areas mainly deriving from motor vehicles, industrial plants combustion and heating plants etc. that are taking place in cities and towns. Image Credit: www.cja

Contunious Deforestation in single turn off page

  The bookmaking is done with the help of the bark of the tree which was generated or grow all around the steam. this kind of paper tree can be seen in the large big forests. As they are going to expire due to the production of the paper at a huge scale they are not being carried out back for the recycling of the paper after the usage.  Reuse the age of the paper will make the reducing of the trees cutting of the deforestation to some extent which may control the environmental conditions of the earth. as the civilization is increasing there is no plantation of the trees are taking place which is a big drawback to the environment pollutions.  TREES ARE THE OXYGEN GENERATORS  If you are removing all the trees in the world how can you as a living being survive on the earth like called planet. we have to ask this question to ourselves at least once of time in life. As the man is having an IQ when comparing to all others in the world. As man is growing to an unlimited height the destruction

Current State of Global Warming

  In my perspective, the condition of the world environment has become a very high critical state which takes a longer period to get back its own position that needs a long continuous process he gets back into the original state of the earth nature for a better replacement. the consumption of fossil fuels [like coal, petroleum, natural gas, and others] is more while comparing to the utilization of the renewable resources is very less which is very minute. his make the environment become so critical and causing the linked effects to the humans and other living things on the earth are facing. Man is the one who is creating new things and developing nature in such a way that he is trying to reach the galaxies and but not finding the right solution to the problem that was placed near to him. The fossil fuels and the other different kinds of gases that are present inside the earth's environment is up to some extent and the extraction of the fuel is also limited to some quantities only.

Earth will never Die but we are making it

Most of us are thinking that the earth is going to end/die in different possible situations like  Space rock hitting the earth,  Solar flairs  Volcanic eruptions  World Wars Alien invasion  Exoplanet entering into the solar system Vega galaxy coming towards Milkyway galaxy Climate change can cause high-level droughts or Tunamis or rise in sea levels etc. Human space exploration to new planets and exo-planets  New intelligent life form better than humans  The above are the different possible or upcoming to the piles of earth future. before that man himself is dying and damaging the total ecosystem in his surroundings with his un-conditional activities.  All these are shown or highlighted via visual effects on sci-fi movies, documentaries which are getting more profits by taking this kind of issue and different researchers are saying that there might be possible in the future. But all of them are assumptions that might be true or may not be. But climate change is so real that we can