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Japan Space Bridge - A New Scifi Revolution

Space bridge is one of the high technology and engineering based project that is going to start within a few years and the countries who are involved in this kind of project are America, Europe, Japan, Russia. But i am expecting INDIA into this project which will give a high reputation to the country all around the world. the deal that can be made with JAPAN will help in the more development and involvement of the more private companies into this Hi-tech project. Here the bridge is made with long run of carbon nano tubes ropes which is 10 times stronger than the steel with a having the dia of 5 centimeter diameter steel rope, As nanotechnology is having the high efficiency and capability to withstand high loads when compare to the normal steel ropes. The mass the rope will be less and it has the capability to hold its own weight. we have to the another side of the project is the cost of the project, its is very high and single country is not having the capability to do the pr


Although there are certainly different types of speakers in terms of size, quality and price, essentially the components are pretty similar. These are the basics: The Enclosure: This is the part that you notice first. The enclosure, also known as “the Box” can be made of various materials including wood or plastic. This houses all the components of your speaker.  You decision on which one to buy will often be based on visual elements at this point. Crossover: This part involves circuits that direct the incoming audio signals toward the drivers. High frequencies are sent to the “tweeter” and low frequencies are sent to the “woofer”. Some speakers also contain a mid-range driver, which as the name suggests, plays the mid-range frequencies. Drivers: Have the function of creating sound waves. Also known as the “tweeter”, “woofer” & “mid-range”, every speaker uses a different configuration of drivers. Whether a woofer or a tweeter, all drivers comprise of an electromagnetic voice co

new generation largest telescope

Having already celebrated the Pacific total solar eclipse earlier today, now seems like as good a time as any to punt these two space-related graphics out there for all to enjoy. It’s all about looking up in to the sky and getting big stuff up there,  For your delectation and edification, we present the new generation of super-telescopes (begging the question as to why everything has to be super these days, whether it’s storms or telescopes) and the European Space Agency’s next-generation heavy-lift rockets. They don’t come cheap, you know. Click on the graphics for an expanded view. New generation of super-telescopes