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Availability Based Tariff   (ABT) is a frequency based pricing mechanism for electric power. The ABT falls under   electricity market   mechanisms to charge and regulate power to achieve short term and long term network stability as well as incentives and dis-incentives to market participants against deviations in committed supplies as the case may be. ABT Mechanism ( Energy policy of India ) is adopted in India (ABT Order dated January 2000 of CERC) and in a few other countries for pricing bulk power across various stakeholders. ABT concerns itself with the tariff structure for bulk power and is aimed at bringing about more responsibility and accountability in power generation and consumption through a scheme of incentives and disincentives. As per the notification, ABT was initially made applicable to only central generating stations having more than one SEB/State/Union Territory as its beneficiary.  Through this scheme, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission   (CERC)