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Weaving is one of the processes that required in textile in terms of producing a fabric. From the fiber then become a yarn through some other process, weaving is a process of interlacing two types of yarn known as warp or ends (run parallel to the weaving machine known as loom) and weft or filling yarn (run perpendicular to the loom) to produce a rigid fabric. In order to interlace the  warp and weft yarn, there are three operations which often called primary motions are necessary: Shedding- The process of separating the warp yarn into two layers by raising the harness to form an open area between two sets of warps and known as shed. Picking- The process of inserting the filling yarn through the shed by the means of the shuttleless while the shed is opening. Beating- The process of pushing the filling yarn into the already woven fabric at a point known as the fell and done by the reed.