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Robots With Their Heads in the Clouds

GIST OF THE STORY : Traditionally, robots had onboard computers that controlled movements and processed data. A new approach has robots accessing processing power and data from remote servers.     In one of the many famous scenes in The Matrix (1999), the character Trinity learns to fly a helicopter by having a "pilot program" downloaded to her brain. For us humans, with our offline, nonupgradable meat brains, the possibility of acquiring new skills by connecting our heads to a computer network is still science fiction. Not so for robots. Several research groups are exploring the idea of robots that rely on cloud-computing infrastructure to access vast amounts of processing power and data. This approach, which some are calling "cloud robotics," would allow robots to off-load compute-intensive tasks like image processing and voice recognition and even download new skills instantly, Matrix-style. Imagine a robot that finds an object that it's never seen