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Work Safe with Computer

Work Safe with Computer Are you spending a lot of time sitting at the computer, doing school work or playing games? Working with a computer for long hours can affect different parts of the body, like our hands, wrists, back, and eyes. If you want to keep these parts as healthy as possible then you have to take some precautions. Sitting Square in Your Chair: One of the most important things you should do at the computer is sitting in your chair. This means keeping your body straight when you’re sitting with your behind in the center of the seat. Your legs should come out straight with your knees and your feet don’t reach the floor, use a footrest. Your back should be touching the seat back the keyboard while you type. And if you can use a seat that has a support for your lower back, that’s even better. Typing time: And speaking of typing: you don’t need to hit those keys very hard to type. A light touch will do the job. While you’re typing, make sure your fingers don’t have to