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Bearing Loads

:: Bearing Loads :: Bearing loads due to side thrust on a wheel in semi-floating axle is shown in Fig. 26.55. Let F = lateral force at the rim of the wheel r = radius of the wheel L = distance between the centres of wheel bearings R1 and R2 = radial reactions of the wheel bearing on the wheel hub P = the thrust reaction of the bearing In practice, the radio rIL ~ 0.6. Considering the forces in the horizontal and vertical directions, P = F and R\=R2 Fig. 26.55. Bearing loads due to side thrust on semi-floating axle. Therefore, for semi-floating type axles, P is equal to F, and Ri and R2 each approximately equal to three fifth ofF.Ri adds to the normal static load on the bearing, whereas R2 opposes it. Axle Shaft Shafts for semi-floating type axles are subjected to both bending and torsion. Hence, the diameter, of the shaft should vary with the bending moment along the length. Accordingly, the diameter is minimum near the differential e