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, How To Make a Wind Generator Wind Generator :- wind energy can be economically used for generation of electrical energy by wind mills.It invilves the conversion of kinetic energ of the wind into mechanical energy that can be utilised to perform useful work or to generate electricity. Advantages of wind energy :-                                       1.wind power is pollution free and that its source of energy is free. 2.Particularly suitable for small,remove domestic and form needs in the aeras with stands the winds. 3.For small power ranges the system is less cost.         Disadvantages of wind mills:- 1. size of wind mill is large and the system has a relatively high over all weight. 2.very much noise is produced in this operation. 3.wind energy is unsteasdy due to variation of the wind direction,velocities and wind flow duration. *IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A WIND MILL IT IS VERY SIMPLE PROCUDURE TO FOLLOW*       Free the earth from green house gases.Try to decrease