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Battlefield 3 server rental $25 per month

Console and PC gamers eager to secure their own piece of DICE's  Battlefield 3  can now do so, with the launch of dedicated server rental for the modern-day shooter. Gamers can rent their own little piece of Battlefield 3 for $1.50 per day. As detailed on  Battlefield's website , Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC gamers can secure a server for 120 Microsoft points ($1.50) per day, 560 Microsoft points ($7) per week, 2,000 Microsoft points ($25) per 30 days, or 4,800 Microsoft points ($60) for 90 days. Server renters can tailor the shooter experience in a number of ways to their liking. Renters can determine which maps and game modes will be included in rotation, kick and ban players at will, and designate VIPs: players who can skip to the top of queues. The rentable servers arrived as part of a larger Battlefield 3 patch that found its way to the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game last week. This update brought a long list of fixes and tweaks to the shooter, which can be p