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Peculiar of the earth

Peculiar of the earth after the first shower The piquant, musky order that hangs in the air emanates an odorous chemical buried in the soil called ‘geosmin’ [literally, earth smell]. The smell is given off by Streptomyces bacteria, a genus belonging to the Actinomycetales order of gram actionmycetes. An asteroid heading toward Earth makes a good movie plot, but astronomers haven't yet found any heavenly bodies on such a collision course. There are plenty of asteroids in our neighborhood of the solar system, however, and a team of physicists has now discovered several new types of near-Earth-asteroid orbital motion. In the 27 September PRL they describe their theory and computer simulations of the orbits of three known asteroids. They conclude that although we are safe from collisions with such objects, there may be many asteroids inhabiting these newly discovered orbits, including undiscovered satellites of Earth. The orbits are examples of "coorbital motion," where