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Spiral Bevel

Spiral Bevel Although the straight bevel is cheaper and mechanically efficient, the meshing of the gears causes an unwanted noise, which has been reduced by introducing a helical form of tooth. It is impossible to generate a helix on a tapered pinion, so the gear is called as a spiral bevel. Figure 26.36 illustrates the construction of the gear, A number of teeth are generated from the centre of the crown wheel, and form a left-handed spiral in the case of the pinion. This direction provides a large outward thrust on the drive and a smaller inward thrust on the over-run so that wear of the pinion bearing increases the backlash instead of causing seizure of the gear. Fig. 26.36. Spiral bevel. Since the crown wheel teeth are inclined to the pinion, the tooth pressures are much higher. The gear oil with no additives, and high-viscosity, suitable for the straight bevel type, is not satisfactory when used in spiral bevel units. The oil film brakes down under the high loads, causing rapid we