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Using Recycle plastic for Electric Vehicles

  Plastic Pollution In and around the globe we are finding different issues that we are facing with "Plastic Pollution" which is affecting (causing Land - affecting the land fertility, water pollution- affecting the aquatic animals) the surroundings and the environment. We all know that there are a different type of pollutions (Air, Water, Land etc.) that are affecting the earth's environment.  Nowadays we are hearing plastic waste ( as we are using for our daily requirements)   which is causing a major pollution in our surroundings. Development of Electric vehicles In the new phase of the development around the globe, the new era of developing the technology for reducing the carbon emissions and for the climate change. In this process, we are developing the electric vehicle for the carbon footprint reduction which is causing the major pollution in urban cities. Including in EV Policy  Most of the countries are developing their own Electric vehicle policy  in order to pro

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle is the vehicle which is powered with the electric motor with the source of energy storage battery which will be powering the motor or through any kind of electric propulsion system to the vehicle. From the history of the electric vehicles  there are different types of model that has come in to the market from years. From the 18th century, the development of the electric vehicle concept and manufacturing was start and due to the high investment and technology unavailability the electric vehicles become costly and hard to manufacture. With the constant research and development from years now the scope of Electric vehicles has drastically increased and more startup companies are coming into the market new new new developments. Different types electric vehicle: Battery electric vehicles Plug in electric vehicles Hybrid electric vehicles The energy source that the future technology to propel in electric vehicles through different types of battery system which is having the