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5 Reasons to Study in Hyderabad

Wondering where to go from your higher education in India? Why not look at Hyderabad. Here are 6 reasons why this city is one of the best educational destinations in India.       City and its Culture:   Hyderabad is the common capital for Andhra Pradesh and the newly formed Telangana. It is one of the top metropolitan cities of India. This was the ancient throne of the Nizams and they have left behind a legacy of a rich and vibrant culture. Hyderabad stands as one of the rare cities in India that shows a perfect amalgamation for both modern and cultural background. Post the political instability that surrounded around the division of Telangana and Andhra; Hyderabad is now seeing a newfound stability that has definitely become one of the prime reasons for the growth of this city. Hyderabad is the 5 th largest contributor to the overall GDP of India. The economic stability brings in many new job opportunities and this is one of the prime driving factor

The Evolution of ‘e’- MBA goes Online

While crooning to a popular Queens’s song, you realize how impossible it is to be true – We DO need education; and not just high school but all the way to masters. An MBA is becoming mandate for anyone who wants to survive in this corporate world. As children we grow up to despise studies, as we grow older we realize how mandatory it is to survive. This evolution in your thought process through years and ages; applies to everyone in this world. From making excuses to not go to school to finding extremely innovative reasons to bunk etc.; the rebel in us thrived then. As soon as we reach the stage where we start looking beyond our picket fences, we realize that whatever we saw and learnt in school was just the first page of our life story; and now you have an entire book to publish. The perception that we had before we grew up was generally in lines with a ‘mandatory’ high school diploma to an ‘option’ of a master’s degree but that has changed. With the growing global demand,

Why to Study Mechanical Engineering???

Sluggish economy and slow pacing market hardly hits the job industry.  The number of jobs opportunities growing is getting scarce, in such a crunch the decision of which career to choose and which course to enroll in becomes really important questions to ponder over. In stronger market scenarios, the jobs pertaining to each discipline as in mass communication, arts and other subjects get generated in ample. Professionals taking up studies in these disciplines easily find relevant jobs matching their areas of skills and expertise but the fall in the job market graph affects severely. Many professionals pursue jobs which are in no way related to their profiles. Few works in call centers and few keep on exploring job sites to get their career started. In recent survey it has been revealed that around 20% of UK students will be leaving their Universities with no immediate future job prospects. The question of basic economics is th


  1.)What is critical temperature in metals ? It is the temperature at which the phase change occurs in metals. ... 2.)Define buckling factor.  It is the ratio of the equivalent length of column to the minimum radius of gyration. 3.)Explain difference between modulus of resilience and modulus of rigidity ?  Modulus of resilience is the maximum strain energy stored in a material per unit volume and modulus of rigidity is the ratio of shearing stress to the shearing strain within the elastic limit. 4.)Describe transfer machines in brief.  It is an automatic machine in which work piece along with fixture is transferred from one station to other automatically and several operation on work piece are performed at each station   5.)Difference between Tube and Pipe There always a debate between differentiation of pipe and tube . Pipe is always designated by its Inside Diameter (ID) because main purpose of pipe is to carry fluid, while the  Tube is always designated by i

Relationship between "Q" and "U"

        In English we are having 26 different types of alphabets which make different types of word formation. and our daily communication goes with these letters only. with a keen observation we all can identify that the what is the relationship between the letter "Q" and "U" in the English alphabetical system. you may think this is some what funny and by observing that you understand that the there is no word that starts with the letter "Q" and commonly the second letter is "U". at the same time you have to find the division of the these two words and find the word that FIRST LETTER "Q" and SECOND LETTER "U" should not be there. is there any kind of explanation with all people ??? I HOPE YOU FIND A BETTER ANSWER

Exploring Engineering Courses Online

Whether you looking forward for a degree or wanting to update your engineering knowledge, the best thing you can do is search for the best engineering courses online. It really  doesn't  matter if you are professional or a college student, online courses has endless benefits over traditional colleges. In this post we will be discussing about the best online engineering courses available online and how you should choose the best among the all. Online Engineering Courses If you are looking for online engineering course then there are plenty of websites which offers the degree. You can easily search for online sources, continuing education in any area of engineering-industrial, civil, mining, all of the engineering specialties. There are some colleges which are offering non-credit short courses. In this course students are allowed to keep up with the newest developments in a fast-changing field without the study time necessary for regular college courses. There are many dif


1977. Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas World recognized mathematician Shakuntala Devi calculated the 23rd root of a 201 digit number within 50 seconds while the UNIVAC Supercomputer took more than a minute to calculate the same.  Born in 1939 in a poor family in Bangalore (India), she dropped out of school because her parents could not afford the monthly fee of Rs 2 for school.  She grew up in a slum and by the age of 3, her father discovered her strong mathematical abilities. As the word about her abilities spread around the town, she started demonstrating and by the age of 6, even reputed Universities started inviting her to demonstrate her mathematical magic. After this 1977 record at Dallas, she went on to create more records including one in 1980 where she solved multiplication of two 13 digit randomly picked numbers in just 28 seconds and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. Not only was she a genius & mathematical magician but she played a great r

Technical Topics for Electrical Engg

Here are some of the topics that you can choose for the technical seminar for "ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STUDENTS" we hope that you may like this and much more useful for the selection of the required topic that you actually need..... 12 Phase Capacitor  A technique for on-line detection of shorts in fields of turbine generator rotor   AC Cable Versus shos Cable Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms   Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit   Advancements in inverter technology for industrial applications   ANN Based Power System Restoration   Artificial intelligence in power station   Asynchronous systems   Automated distribution system   Automatic Change Over with Current Limiter   Automatic solar tracker   Axial-field electrical machines   BiCMOS Technology   Bioinformatics   Biomass Fuelled Power Plant   Biometric Fingerprint Identification   Biosensors   Blue ray Disc Technology   Bluetooth? Wireless Technology   Broadband Over Power Line (BP