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Lubricants- engine and its oil

  Lubricants- engine and its oil The main purpose of lubricants is to lubricate moving parts of the vehicle to reduce friction and wear and tear by providing smoothing, trouble free performance for increased length of time. A lubricant is a blend of base oils and performance enhancing additives as required by engine, gear box and other application areas. At the refinery, the crude oil is refined into gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, naphtha and base stocks (Lube). This base stock is further processed, blended and strengthened with required properties to make different kind of lubricants. Of the all the lubricants engine oil is the most import. Lubricants for gasoline and diesel engine are different as the load, cycles and fuels are different. The oil in an engine does more than just reduce friction between its moving parts. It also helps to seal the high-pressure combustion gases inside the cylinders, to impede the corrosion of metal parts, to absorb some of the harmful by-products of