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How Fuel Ionizers Work?

Fuel ionizer is one of the simple magnet ionizer gadgets which was newly introduced into the market after a big scientific research on the improvement of the fuel efficiency and increase the efficiency of the engine with a simple installation process. Fuel ionizers are the energy tubes which are made of aluminium and steel case. Scientifically we can say that the fuel consumption in the internal consumption which is based on the concept that converts the 30-35% of the neutral ions within the petroleum fuel. Ionizers make the ions recharge the neutral molecules produces the charged ion pairs and make them as a useful energy and these become the stable energy source. This type of ionization process can be implemented in some of the unstable energy source which are being used are all types of gasoline products, diesel, LPG [Liquid Petroleum Gas] and some of the oil which are used in the furnaces. Fuel ionizers basically work on the internal combustion engines which help in po

Increase of petrol rates

As we are seeing the costs of living is becoming more costlier and the middle class people are not able face the increase the price of the petroleum products and other house hold things for the survival. Every year the government of India and many other countries in the world are increasing the rates of the FUEL RATES the hot summer the people are getting frustrated by gradually increase of the rates and  showing their anger in front of the media and sharing their views  around the country Its just slashing the minds of the Indian people.when the government is increasing the price Rs 8 from Rs 72 to Rs 80 Fuel cost rating in major cities : Place Old price  New Price Delhi 45.62 40.62 Kolkata 47.16 44.05 Mumbai 49.80 44.55 Chennai 49.66 44.24 DIESEL Place Old  price in  Rs/L New  Price in  Rs/L Delhi 32.86 30.86 Kolkata 33.92 33.21 Mumbai 36.69 34.45 Chennai 34.98 32.82 LPG Place Old  price in  Rs/L New  Price in  Rs/L Delhi 304.70 279.70 Kolkata 352

leevenspark: Diesel: The Fuel of the Future?

leevenspark: Diesel: The Fuel of the Future?