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Need For Speed 6 Hot Pursuit 2

All types of modes can only have a certain class of cars to be used. Faster cars are used near the end of the "Championship" and "Ultimate Racer" modes.  Delivery  is a timed point-to-point dash, with the police in pursuit. This is similar to the delivery mission in  Porsche Unleashed  while the police pursuit makes it more challenging.  Sprint  is a point to point race where competitors try to get from one end to the other before their opponent.  Time Trial  gives players three laps on a level with the goal being to beat the required time to get the gold/silver/bronze medal.  Lap Knockout  eliminates the last racer in each lap until one player remains the victor.  Knockout  follows a similar principle, but eliminations are made to the last racer at the end of each race. Several other modes, such as  Tournament ,  Single Race , and Championship/Ultimate Racer  are also available.