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Power Plant Engineering

Power Plant Engineering 1. Name the four major circuits in steam power plant. ·          Coal and ash circuit ·          Air and flue gas circuit ·          Feed water and steam circuit ·          Cooling water circuit 2. What consists of air and flue gas circuit?             Air and flue gas circuit consists of forced draught fan, air‑pre‑heater, boiler, furnace, super heater, economiser, dust collector, induced draught fan and chimney. 3. What consists of feed water and steam flow circuit in steam power? The feed water and steam flow circuit consists of feed pump, economiser boiler drum super heater, turbine and condenser. 4. What consists of cooling water circuit and coal & ash circuit in steam power plant?             The cooling water circuit consists of a pump, condenser and cooling tower. The coal and ash circuit consists of coal delivery, preparation of coal, handling of coal to the boiler furnace, ash handling and ash storage. 5. What is the main purpose of the r