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Milky Way or Galaxy

  Milky Way or Galaxy  The Milky Way or Galaxy with a capital G, is the name given to our galaxy. Aged 12 billion years, it has been there since the beginning of the universe. Our galaxy contains a set of 200 billion stars and probably a huge amount of dark matter. Together by their gravitational forces.  Galaxies are of three types: elliptical, spiral, irregular. The Milky Way is a spiral. The Hubble Space Telescope regularly sends pictures which show the diversity of galaxies.  Our city is really huge star. This is a huge spiral of stars wheel with a diameter of approximately 100 000 light years. Light takes 100 000 years to cross the Milky Way. It appears that the Earth is a continuous white band of the Milky Way.  Our galaxy is composed of three spiral arms (Sagittarius arm, the arm of Orion and Perseus arm). Its mass is 10 11  kg or 2x10 41  solar masses.  The center of our galaxy is occupied by a black hole, as many galaxies.  The Large and Small Magellanic Cloud gala