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Tubro’s and Superchargers, working Principle

Some basic information regarding Tubro’s, Roots blowers, and Centrifugal blowers. Superchargers : The most significant advantage to a supercharger is the simplicity of install. You don't need to plumb them into the exhaust. This also improves the reliability of the compressor, since it doesn't have to operate in the extremely hot exhaust stream. It also results in cooler intake charges since the compressor isn't soaking up heat from the exhaust-side *hot* impeller. Because superchargers are driven from the crank, the boost they produce is proportional to engine RPM . But superchargers come in two basic varieties, centrifugal and roots. The boost curves are different for these two types. Roots compressors: Are constant displacement pumps. They move the same volume of air for each rotation of the compressor assembly and airflow through the compressor varies linearly with RPM . The engine is also a constant displacement pump, it consumes the same volume of air for each rotat

Different types of BMW accessories

Dash kits Dash kit gives a great luxury look to the interior part of the cars which can be seen in BMW series. As you can find the high quality plastic material used for the dash board kit parts having a real look. There are different types of series of models with chosen colour like BMW 1 series wood Grain from the most reputed names in business. Most of the manufacturers provide the better choice for all the finished products. Some are authentic Wood veneers, OEM Factory-Match Woods, Real carbon Fibre and more extensive dash kits. Wood Veneers is the better options which is having the good test time and enact a precise OEM fitment. These are available in in version of the models according to the year and series. Grills In a basic point grill is like a network or a mesh which not only give protection the vehicle but also give a stylish look and but also gives a protection from the external hazards. Generally these are made up of stainless steel and other alloy like BILLET GRILLES, T-R

Turbo charger Vs super chargers

The forced induction system was first introduced into internal combustion engine. Super chargers are based on rotor air pump design which was the basic design for the modern superchargers which was first introduced in 1860 in America and implemented in 1921 for the 20 hp and 35 hp of berlin motor and Mercedes. The design of the super chargers is more complex and the cost it is gradually reduced and limited to it expensive high performance cars. Both the turbo and the super chargers are forced induction systems. The main working principle of these chargers is the air is compressed and makes it flow into the engine. Engine allows the pressurized air into the combustion chamber. If more amount of the air is inserted into the chamber more fuel should be injected which results in the increase the engine power. Most of these chargers are used in racing cars and for production cars. Super chargers are mainly categories into three different types which are as follows: Centrifugal superchargers

Performance chips in detail

The electric pulses and other binary codes which are buzzing in and around the control panel and engine sensors devices which generate the pluses into the modifier module that sends the modified signal into the engine mechanisms  and the whole circuit is called as the performance chip. In the present technological days all the mechanical components are functional with the electronic devices and chip devices this reduces the man power with the machine and make it automatically work. With the help of the electronic chips which are used in large number in the automotive field in large in number. Computer controlling systems are in-built to the automotive for the all modern automobiles which improves the performance of the vehicle in all the aspects. The driver can control the engine at different conditions with this performance chip which is Pre-programs the computer with the terms and conditions of the driver how can maintain the vehicle properly and to reduce the consumption of the fue

Fuel Ionizer

How Fuel Ionizers Work? Fuel ionizer is one of the simple magnet ionizer gadgets which was newly introduced into the market after a big scientific research on the improvement of the fuel efficiency and increase the efficiency of the engine with a simple installation process. Fuel ionizers are the energy tubes which are made of aluminium and steel case. Scientifically we can say that the fuel consumption in the internal consumption which is based on the concept that converts the 30-35% of the neutral ions within the petroleum fuel. Ionizers make the ions recharge the neutral molecules produces the charged ion pairs and make them as a useful energy and these become the stable energy source. This type of ionization process can be implemented in some of the unstable energy source which are being used are all types of gasoline products, diesel, LPG [Liquid Petroleum Gas] and some of the oil which are used in the furnaces. Fuel ionizers basically work on the internal combustion engines whic