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A Space Odyssey

001: A Space Odyssey  is a 1968 American  epic  science fiction film produced and directed byStanley Kubrick, and co-written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. The film deals with thematic elements of human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life. It is notable for its scientific accuracy, pioneering  special effects , ambiguous imagery that is open-ended to a point approaching surrealism, sound in place of traditional narrative techniques, and minimal use of dialogue. The film has a memorable soundtrack—the result of the association that Kubrick made between the spinning motion of the satellites and the dancers of waltzes, which led him to use The Blue Danube  waltz by Johann Strauss II, and the famous symphonic poem  Also sprach Zarathustra  by Richard Strauss, to portray the philosophical evolution of Man theorized inNietzsche's work of the same name. Despite initially receiving mixed reviews,  2001: A Space Odyssey  is today recogn