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Braking System

Braking System The function of the braking system is to retard the speed of the moving vehicle or bring it to rest in a shortest possible distance whenever required. The vehicle can be held on an inclined surface against the pull of gravity by the application of brake. Brakes are mechanical devices for increasing the frictional resistance that retards the turning motion of the vehicle wheels. It absorbs either kinetic energy or potential energy or both while remaining in action and this absorbed energy appears in the form of heat. While moving down a steep gradient the vehicle is controlled by the application of brakes. In this case brakes remain in action for a longer period making it imperative to dissipate the braking heat to atmosphere as rapidly as possible. Automobiles are fitted with two brakes; the service or foot brake and the emer­gency or hand brake. The foot brake is used to control the speed of the vehicle and to stop it, when and where desired, by the application of force