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Power Assisted Steering

                        Power Assisted Steering Need for Power Assisted Steering A reduction in input effort on the steering wheel rim in a manual steering system is possible by decreasing the steering box gear ratio. This increases the number of steering wheel turns from lock to lock due to which manoeuvring of the steering takes longer, and accordingly the vehicle's safe cornering speed has to be reduced. Due to the requirement of more weight on the front steering wheels of front wheel drive cars and the use of radial ply tyres with greater tyre width, larger static turning torques are necessary. Therefore, for faster driving and cornering, power assisted steering is desirable and in some cases essential if the vehicle is to be handled to match its performance. Incorporation of power assisted steering on passenger cars reduces the drivers input to about 25 - 30% of the total effort needed otherwise to manoeuvre it. In heavy trucks the hydraulic power (servo) assistance can be in