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A tiny slice of Africa

A Tiny Slice of Africa One of the four countries from Africa that kicked off its debut at the recent FIFA World Cup in football was Togo (the others were ivory coast, Angola and Ghana) Togo is a pencil thin strip of land in western Africa, nestled between Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso, It has an Apology of a Cost line bordering the gulf of Guinea, where its capital city lome is located. Before the 1990’s Lome was called the pearl of West Africa for its pristine beaches. European traders arrived in Togo in the 16th century, trading in slaves with local tribal chiefs. One of them signed the land to Germany in 1884. The Germans taught the Togolese how to cultivate cocoa, coffee and cotton and mine phosphate, till today, Togo’s main source of wealth. World War I brought in the French and British who portioned out the tiny nation. When colonialism ended in africa.british Togo land joined Ghana while the French side declared its independence as a separate nation in 1960. Since then, T