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BIRD FLU!! There are at least 15 different types of avian influenza that routinely infect birds around the world. The current outbreak is caused by a strain known as H5NI, which is highly contagious among birds and rapidly fatal. Unlike many others strains of avian influenza, it can transmitted to humans causing severe illness and death. Influenza viruses are highly unstable and have the ability to mutate rapidly, potentially jumping from one animal species to another. Scientists fear the bird flu could evolve into a from that is easily spread between the people, resulting in in an extremely contagious and lethal disease. This could happen if someone already infected with the human’s flu vires catches the bird flu. The two viruses could recombine inside the victim’s body, producing a hybrid inside that could readily spread from person to person. The resulting virus likely would be something humans never been exposed to before. Within immune defenses, the infection could cause deva