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Beginners of C language

 welcome to the series of C programming tutorials I request not to post questions or anything in this thread, as it will only disrupt the flow and co-ordination of the tutorials. OK everyone, this tutorial is basically designed for programmers, basically new to computing or new to "The C-Language". So now let us get started with the C. History of C  C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in early 70s at the Bell Laboratories for Unix operating system. C is a procedural language. C was influenced by B, ALGOL, FORTRAN and Assembly. C influenced most of the modern world programing languages which include the mighty C++ and Java as well. Above points are enough to answer the most common questions asked in vivas (oral-examinations) or objectives. p.s : These tutorials will be based on DevC++ IDE and on Windows platform you can download DevC++ from here