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Life Elements Came from Space

GIST OF THE STORY Researchers have long been trying to explain the origin of the ammonia that triggered the formation of the first biomolecules on Earth. Meteorites may have released compounds including hydrocarbon chains and a large amount of ammonia, which is rich in nitrogen.                                             A meteorite found in Antarctica adds extra impact to the theory that the essential building blocks of life on Earth came from outer space, say scientists. The team from the University of Arizona say they have discovered a "carbonaceous chondrite" meteorite -- found in 1995 and called "CR2 Grave Nunataks 59229" -- contains relatively high amounts of ammonia and amino acids. Carbonaceous chondrites meteorites contain abundant organic materials as they have not been melted, and much of their original chemical composition remains intact. The research, led by Professor Sandra Pizzarello, is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of S