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Front-wheel Toe-in or Toe-out

Front-wheel Toe-in or Toe-out Toe-in is the amount by which the front-wheel rims are set closer together at the front than at the rear with the wheels in straight ahead position when the vehicle is stationery (Fig. 26.16A). Alternatively, toe-out is the amount by which the front-wheels rims are set farther apart at the front than at the rear (Fig. 27.16B). Therefore in Fig. 27.16, toe-in =Tr-Tf and toe-out = Tf-Tr. Fig. 27.16. Steering toe-in and toe-out. Toe-in or toe-out compensates for movement within steering ball-joints, suspension rubber bush-joints, and any slight deflection of the track-rod arms or suspension arms when the vehicle is in motion. The objective of the non-parallel stationary alignment of the front steered wheels is for the toe-in or toe-out to be taken up when the vehicle is moving, so that both wheels run parallel under normal driving conditions. Toe-in neutralises the cone rolling effect of front wheels caused by camber angle. The amount of toe-in for any vehic