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Hopes on Power Sector becoming true by Modi Governement

  Modi who is our Prime Minister of our country is have a right vision towards an inceridable India to transform the country India from a developing country to a developed state. But this will not be a work or  a part of the job of a single person we all should be a part of his goals, ideas and methodology of working strategy in such a way that you can also be a part of developing the county and believe that your hand is also there under development. our budget also gave a hope to the Indian power sector in such  a way that there are number of opportunities for the development of the thermal power plants and the supply of the coal to all newly installed ideal thermal power plants which is more than 30,000 MW. From the last two year the job opportunities availabilities in this sector sector is also less when compared to the other once. * Some of the highlights of the power Budget are: - Extension of 10 years tax holiday - Adequate coal supply to the power plants - Launch of f