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Great Indian Scientists

from the past history india country INDIA is called as THE GREAT INDIA because it is a great country. we can say because that the total number of the things that you can say about india is very less because is having more different kind of thinking people that are present in the country which has the capability to find for the innovative  Now currently india is not finding this kind of positive results from the country in INDIA because of the developing nation and most of the people are trying to move into the foreign countries as the technology and the availabilities are considered to be very less and no proper encouragement is present in the present youth and the people who are having more knowledge. So the indian market is getting down. after the change in the government in INDIA there are some of the changes may be this will help the indian citizens in a positive manner and make the things in different manner.this helps in creating more opportunities. But the ri

LIVE telecast can be seen from your LAPTOP or DESKTOP

we can see the live telecast of the NASA in your laptop in your PC desktop by using the following code in the website you can find the view in this article Live streaming by Ustream we hope that you may like this facility to see the telecast in your laptop in LIVE . . . Enjoy the movement .

Prototypes for clearing Space Junk

Switzerland scientists are trying to send a satellite that helps clean the space waste material that is spread all around the earth as huge clouds. This space satellite helps in clearing up of all the space waste like rocket stages, small small metallic pieces, wastes from the ISS [International Space Station] break out parts of satellites, and other fine paint particles. The pieces that are around the earth will be almost half a million. These wastes become big headaches that are entering into the parts of the satellites in the orbit. The prototype  janitor satellite  measures 12 inches and about 4 inches wide and height. Clean Space One is being designed and built at the Swiss Space Center, part of the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne, or EPFL. Scientists there are developing micro- and electric propulsion systems that will enable Clean Space One to grab hold of space junk as the two objects zip around Earth at 17,500 mph (28,000 kph). This challengi

sun light on Baffin Island

The midnight Arctic sun never strays from the horizon in this time rays exposed shot of Nunavut's Baffin island. some parts of Nunavut endure 24 hours of light from late april until august and 24 hrs of darkness from ending of the october till the mid of the February.

Iron pillar of Delhi, India

An ancient iron pillar in Delhi which seems to be rust proof.The Iron Pillar located in Delhi, India, is a 7 m (23 ft) column in the Qutb - minar complex, notable for the rust-resistant composition of the metals used in its construction. The pillar has attracted the attention of archaeologists and metallurgists as it has withstood corrosion for the last 1600 years, despite ha rsh weather and has been called "a testament to the skill of ancient Indian blacksmiths" because of its high resistance to corrosion. The iron pillar is one of the world's foremost metallurgical curiosities. The pillar, almost seven metres high and weighing more than six tonnes, was erected by Chandragupta II Vikramaditya (375–414 CE)

We and Environment

Life is very small but it is having more value when compared to all other resources present in the environment. if the basic resources cease to exist life becomes impossible. But the resources can exist even the man is present in the world or not. This makes a huge difference in between the life of the MAN and NATURE. As we are born naturally in the earth atmosphere and sustaining in the environment we need to understand one thing that the total earth is destructed by a single type of living being, polluting the earth atmosphere with his different ideas and trying to move to the another world by creating the harmful gases, wastes products that are affecting other living beings on earth and when the effect is towards our side we are finding for the solution, until it is not coming to our considerations. We are living in a beautiful place in the universe and where it is not found in any of the other world. Try to rebuild and create awareness to the small and big citizens in the society i

Pollution Vs Nature in the present techno world

the life on earth require both the heat for the sustaining of the life on the earth. for the images which is available there are two different types of the effects with the usage of the duel and it depends on the methodology that can create the positive and the negative energy within the atmosphere which is effecting the ecosystem and the natural environment. THIS IS THE IMAGE OF THE MONTH  The date will be expressed within two weeks on the same day. . . . means the date was on 5th OCTOBER 2014 after the day . . . From the color identification we can say that the green is the eco friendly to the environment and the red indicates for the destruction of the environment and all the other things in the nature or in the universe so increasing the green life environment in the earth the life of the human and the living things in the earth will be having the peace full life on the earth with the reduction of all kind of the pollutions that we can produced in the peace environment.  On the lef


The book making is done with the help of the trees bark which was generated or grow all around the steam. this kind of paper trees can be seen in the large big forests. A s they are going to expire due to the production of the paper at a huge scale they are not being carried out back for the recycling of the paper after the usage.  Reuse age of the paper will makes the reducing of the trees cutting of the deforestation to some extent which may controls the environmental conditions of the earth. as the civilization is increasing there is no plantation of the trees are taking place which is a big draw back to the environment pollutions.  TREES ARE THE OXYGEN GENERATORS  If you are removing all the trees in the world how can you as a living being can survive on the earth like called planet. we have to ask this question to our selves at least once of time in the life. As the man is having a IQ when comparing to all other in the world. As the man is growing to a unlimited heights the destru

Present condition of the global environment

In my perspective the condition of the world environment is become very high critical state which takes a longer period to get back it own position that needs a long continuous process he get back into the original state of the earth nature for a better replacement. the consumption of the fossil fuels [like coal, petroleum, natural gas and other] are more while comparing to the renewable resources utilization is very less which is very minute. his make the environmental become so critical and causing the linked effects to the humans and other living thing on the earth are facing. Man is the one who is creating the new things and developing the nature in such a way that he is trying to reach to the galaxies and but not finding the right solution to the problem that was placed near to him. The fossil fuels and the other different kinds of the gases that are present inside the earth environment is up to some extent and the extraction of the fuel is also limited to some quantities only. Th

The Evolution of ‘e’- MBA goes Online

While crooning to a popular Queens’s song, you realize how impossible it is to be true – We DO need education; and not just high school but all the way to masters. An MBA is becoming mandate for anyone who wants to survive in this corporate world. As children we grow up to despise studies, as we grow older we realize how mandatory it is to survive. This evolution in your thought process through years and ages; applies to everyone in this world. From making excuses to not go to school to finding extremely innovative reasons to bunk etc.; the rebel in us thrived then. As soon as we reach the stage where we start looking beyond our picket fences, we realize that whatever we saw and learnt in school was just the first page of our life story; and now you have an entire book to publish. The perception that we had before we grew up was generally in lines with a ‘mandatory’ high school diploma to an ‘option’ of a master’s degree but that has changed. With the growing global demand,