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India Rupee

the  Indian Rupee  has its identity, today let me take you to short journey of the different shapes of the Indian coins from 1957 till date. The shapes and the designs of the coins have undergone a big transformation. India’s first decimal coins were first introduced in 1957. The set of six coin sets were odd in shape and also in name. The shapes of these coins really helped the blind people to identify and distinguish from other. All the coins were dated 1957 except 50 paisa coin dated as 1960. The Ashoka lion capital is the national emblem of our nation. The decimal coins were known as – 1 naiya paisa round in shape 2 naiya paisa scalloped edged 5 naiya paisa squared out 10 naiya paisa again scalloped edge but bigger in dimension 25 naiya paisa round in shape 50 naiya paisa again round in shape but bigger in size.   But before we go ahead, did you know that there was a 4 Ana note ( equals 24Paise ) was there at times when kings used to rule India. Catch a Glimpse