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Drum Brakes

Drum Brakes 28.5.1. Brake Layouts There are two types of drum brakes, such as externally contracting and internally expand­ing. External contracting brakes are preferred for automatic gearboxes. The internal expanding type, along with a drum, is commonly used in braking systems of vehicles. The drum brakes, used with light vehicles, are hydraulically operated. These brakes are commonly used for the rear wheels to complement a disc system at the front. This disc/drum layout permits the front wheels to undertake more braking effort. In addition, the compatibility of a mechanical hand-brake with a drum brake makes this type an obvious option for rear brakes. Various shoe arrangements in use include : • Leading and trailing shoe (L&T) • Two leading shoe (2LS) • Duo-servo. 28.5.2. Leading and Trailing Shoe (L&T) The layout of a leading and trailing shoe brake is presented in Fig. 28.14. This arrangement uses a pair of shoes pivoted at a common anchor point. The free ends of both sh