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Need For Speed CARBON

The gameplay is based upon rival  street racing  crews. Players run a crew and can hire specific street racers to be in their crew and the active friendly racer is known as a wingman. Each hirable street racer has two skills, one which is a racing skill (scout, blocker, and drafter) and a non-race skill (fixer, mechanic, and fabricator). Each skill has different properties from finding hidden alleys/back streets (shortcuts) to reducing police attention. Cars driven by the wingmen are also different; blockers drive muscles, drafters drive exotics and scouts drive tuners (although the first two unlockable wingmen (Neville and Sal) drive cars according to the player's chosen car class at the start of the game). In career mode, players have to race tracks and win to conquer territories and face off against bosses to conquer districts. Unlike  Need for Speed: Most Wanted  and  Underground ,  Carbon  had no drag racing. However,  Carbon  features the return of drift racing, a mode that

Need For Speed - carbon

N E E D  F O R  S P E E D  C A R B O N In Need for Speed Carbon, you and your crew must race in an all-out war for the city, risking everything to take over your rivals' neighborhoods one block with one of the most cool spuer racer car that you can find world's best cars for racing which are more stylish with super curves. Enjoy the ride!!!!! click here to download [torrent]