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Some amazing facts about  Vizag : 1) India's first Naval Base. 2) The only natural harbour on the east coast. 3) The only city with two major ports in the world. 4) The city has a submarine museum, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, at Rama Krishna Beach. 5) India's oldest Shipyard. 6) Headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. 7) India's first nuclear submarine INS Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies) was built in Vizag. 8) 260 BCE: Ashoka conquered the Kalinga empire (of which Vizag was a part of). 9) 11th century: Simhachalam Temple built by Kulottunga I. 10) 13th century: Simhachalam Temple renovated and made southern imperial centre by the Ganga king Narasimha I of Orissa. 11) Mid-17th century: A factory was founded in "Vizagapatam" by the British East India Company. 12) 1735: Dutch Colony was established. 13) 1904: Railway from Madras to Calcutta, passing through Vizagapatam, was opened. 14) It was the biggest