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Pinion Adjustment

Pinion Adjustment The pinion bearing preload adjustment depends on the type of spacer used to hold the bearings apart. Two main arrangements using a rigid spacer and a collapsible spacer are illustrated in Fig. 26.40. A bearing arrangement with a rigid spacer has a series of shims to control the static load on the bearings (Fig. 26.40A). On this arrangement the pinion nut is fully tightened before the preload is measured and shims are either added or removed if found incorrect. With this typeof spacer, the renewing of the pinion oil seal is simplified, because the seal replacement does not alter bearing preload provided the pinion nut is fully tightened Fig. 26.40. Pinion bearing adjustment The use of a collapsible spacer (Fig. 26.40B) saves time on the preload operation. While holding the bearings in alignment, this ductile steel spacer collapses under-pressure from the pinion nut so that the preload can be set in one operation. With the pinion, bearings and seal in position, the nut