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Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety As the phrase aptly puts it - "it is better to be late than be Late Mr..." Accidents on Indian roads are more a rule than an exception today. The reasons are many. Underage drivers, reckless, drunken driving, no regards for safety of self and others... It is up to each one of us, all of us who use the roads (and everyone does), to be aware of all safety rules, and follow them. For example, how many of us use seat belts, even though we know we should, how many of us speed through red lights, knowing that we might collide with an oncoming vehicle. These are exactly the things we should avoid. At our site, we tell you ways to ensure your and your co- passenger's safety, do's and don'ts while driving, tips to prevent your vehicle from getting stolen, and much more. The next time you are in the driver's seat, remember to follow them.      Fasten your seat belts Car crashes are a leading cause of death. Aside from always following traffic signs