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Aliens are reaching US but we are not ???

From the last two centuries we are in search of the aliens and we are seeing the different types of aliens bodies all around the globe and not able to find the right solution where are they actually come from and what the need. Are they in peace to communicate or not is another big question. " Actually THEY ARE HAVING THE TECHNOLOGY TO REACH US BUT WE ARE NOT HAVE THOSE".  We are having another mysterious problem is the "crop circles" for this i assume that in order to communicate with them we are using the Radio communication system with a binary language and they are based upon the symbolic representation of the coding that can be compared with the binary language.  if they are having the unlimited power to make our self powerful at the same time we do also have the same kind of features and resources in our planet. During the Big Bang explosion the universe and all other planets and Galaxy are formed  the planets and the solar system are equally forme