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Although there are certainly different types of speakers in terms of size, quality and price, essentially the components are pretty similar. These are the basics: The Enclosure: This is the part that you notice first. The enclosure, also known as “the Box” can be made of various materials including wood or plastic. This houses all the components of your speaker.  You decision on which one to buy will often be based on visual elements at this point. Crossover: This part involves circuits that direct the incoming audio signals toward the drivers. High frequencies are sent to the “tweeter” and low frequencies are sent to the “woofer”. Some speakers also contain a mid-range driver, which as the name suggests, plays the mid-range frequencies. Drivers: Have the function of creating sound waves. Also known as the “tweeter”, “woofer” & “mid-range”, every speaker uses a different configuration of drivers. Whether a woofer or a tweeter, all drivers comprise of an electromagnetic voice co

JNTU MECH 4-2 (2013) First Mid Online Bits

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