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Limited-Slip Differential

Limited-Slip Differential A differential does not provide a high mechanical efficiency, which is desirable for the majority of mechanical components. Even if a 'low friction' differential with reduced traction over slippery surfaces is fitted, it limits acceleration of a high-power vehicle and causes excessive tyre wear. The torque reaction of the engine of such a vehicle, during acceleration, tends to lift the left-hand driving wheel off the ground. When accompanied by an uneven road surface, this causes excessive wheel spin. To minimize these drawbacks, the differential action is counteracted by artificially increasing the friction between the sun wheel and the differential cage. When this feature is included, it is called limited slip differentials. Two basic types of limited slip differential are : • Mechanical limited-slip differential  • Visco-differential Fig. 26.46. Final drive assembly with limited slip differential   Mechanical Limited-slip Differential Figure 26.46 i