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Acts of Environment

some of the acts that are raised by the governments: 1. THE ENVIRONMENT [PROTECTION] ACT,1986 the potential scope of the Act is broad, with "ENVIRONMENT" defined to include water, air and land and the inter-relationship which exists and between water, air and the land, and human beings and other living creatures, plants, micro-organisms and property. 2. UNDER SECTION 7 No person carrying on any industry, operation or process shall discharge or permit to be discharge or emitted any environmental pollutants in excess of prescribed standards. 3. UNDER SECTION 15 if any one fails to comply with or contravenes any of the rules/provisions of this Act shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of 3-5 years with fine of $10,000 or both. in case the failure or contravention continues, additional fine may be charged up to $500-1000 per day which continuous. 

Tips to avoid Global warming

"SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT FROM GLOBAL WARMING" 1. save oil and save the energy. 2. harvest by rain fall. 3. conserve water and the limited amount as required. 4. recycle paper and water. 5. try to carry jute bags or cloth Bags to the shopping mall and try to avoid the plastic bags. 6. plant and Nurture trees by each and every person of the earth. 7. Always Dispose the E-waste properly 8. save the electricity by using the Compact Fluorescent Light [CFL]     lamps. 9. try to install the solar electrical system at least in a single room and gradually increase it into the complete house So, that this makes a little experience to work/maintenance on it. 10. Adopt a green technology towards the buildings.        

World's Environmental Day

On 5th of June is considered as the World's Environmental Day. On celebrating the worlds environmental day just talk frankly for some time that how many people are supporting and talking about the nature. on this day all the people of the nations should have the awareness on the environment and its importance of it. friends every take it serious of our "EARTH" and try to increase the life of the earth which is gradually decreasing  this may preach the man kind on earth. In future the temperature of the earth is increasing and standing in the critical position as the technology is upgrading the industrial revolution is more advancing and the man is in search of the energy and forgetting about the earth conditions. Coming 40 years the temperature is going to increased to 4 degrees and in next 100 years in temperature raises to 11 degrees. All the things will over heat and geological set of the earth will be disabled and their will not be any existing nature or livin

National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Pollutants Time weighted average Concentration in ambient air Industrial Area Residential, Rural & other Areas Sensitive Area 1 2 3 4 5 Sulphur Dioxide(SO2) Annual Average* 80 µg/m3 60 µg/m3 15 µg/m3 24 hours** ** 120 µg/m3 80 µg/m3 30 µg/m3 Oxides of Nitrogen as NO2 Annual Average* 80 µg/m3 60 µg/m3 15 µg/m3 24 hours** ** 120 µg/m3 80 µg/m3 30 µg/m3 Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) Annual Average* 360 µg/m3 140 µg/m3 70 µg/m3 24 hours** ** 500 µg/m3 200 µg/m3 100 µg/m3 Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM) (size less than 10 microns)